What is Tufting?

Tufting is the craft of making high pile rugs. With a Tufting gun the yarn shoots trough a grid, in the desired design, and is finished with glue on the back. For a close up on the technique, you can explore my Instagram page @studio_poppies

What kind of wool/yarn do you use?

I use 100% wool yarn. In the future my goal is to make rugs from locally sourced wool, from Dutch sheep.

Can I purchase a piece that is already sold?

All of the pieces I make are unique. Sometimes they may have the same feel to them, but since every item is hand crafted, a new piece will always be slightly different. If you want a certain design, you can contact me for a custom piece, under the tap 'Custom'.

Where are you located?

My studio is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

How do I keep my rug clean?

The most important thing is to never machine wash your rug.

If you stain the rug, you should blot it out immediately. You can use paper towels or a clean cloth to do so. If the stain doesn't come off you can use a mild soap, without scrubbing to hard.

A new rug is most likely to shed some yarn. This is perfectly normal. Never start pulling pieces of yarn, always cut the excessive pieces.

For regular cleaning, vacuum your rug from time to time with a soft attachment.

How do you price a rug?

My prices are based of the size of a rug and the difficulty of the design. There is a small margin on the materials and I also have an hourly rate. This is important to me, so all artist can live from their art and have a fair pay.

What are the shipping possibilities?

Due to the delicacy of the work, shipping is not advised. Pick up is possible Rotterdam. If it is not possible to pick up the work, shipping is possible at own risk and can be chosen at check out. For more information look at Terms & Conditions.

Can I have a refund?

If you are not happy with the order you can get in contact with info.studiopoppies@gmail.com

For more information look at Terms & Conditions.

Do you speak Dutch?

I am Dutch and therefore my first language is Dutch. On social media I use the English language so that (hopefully) more people can understand me. This means you can approach me in either languages.